Oceanside Conversion

Our flagship camper conversion. The Oceanside conversion has everything you ever need in your camper van. A modern furniture design consisting of a curved front section which allows for an efficient top loading fridge rather than the traditional front loading. This also gives increased storage space behind the curved tambour door in the front.


With Leather Seating front and rear and a choice of leather colours, our hard wearing Genuine Leather upholstery is the premium finish your camper van deserves. 

Choice of stitching designs and styles the customisation is endless. 

Kitchen Units & Lockers

Our Oceanside Conversion is built around a top loading fridge design. This allows for the furniture to be curved at the front. The benefits off the curved furniture are a sleeker looking unit with no protruding part to go around the fridge. This also allows for the drivers front seat to be fitted with a swivel base allowing it to rotate unlike “Traditional” Furniture designs. 

All Units, Overhead Lockers & Bed Boards are made from Lightweight Furniture plywood and are available in many finishes.

Lining & Insulation

All our camper conversions come with full sound deadening & Insulation. Your van will be fully prepared for the installation. 

Stage 1, a layer of 2mm sound deadening is applied to all inner metal panels to reduce road noise and panel “drum”. 

Stage 2, Thermoliner is then applied over the silent coat. This is a 7mm closed cell foam insulation with high thermal properties. The closed cell foam is ideal for this application as it does not absorb moisture unlike household loft insulation. 

Stage 3, All voids are then filled with ThermoFleece. This retains the warmth in your camper and also further reduces road noise. 

After the above insulation, we then carpet line the whole vehicle in one complete piece down each side. The removable panels are then carpet lined separately to allow future access to any vehicle wiring or services. 

Electrical Systems

We supply & install the latest technology in our 12v systems. The majority of our 12v system is made up from Victron Electronics Products who are one of the industries leading electronics suppliers. Their items can be found in many applications from campers to super yachts. 

We use the Victron items as they come with a 5 year warranty and have been proven for their reliability and trouble free systems. 

Bluetooth connectivity on the Victron products means YOU can log onto the product via your smartphone and monitor all necessary parameters of your 12v system.