Q. How long does it take to complete a full camper conversion?

A. Generally it takes us around 6-8 weeks to complete a camper conversion to our standard but it’s not as straight forward as that. It all depends on the build specifications, if it’s a fully loaded camper with most options “ticked” then this can take a lot longer. Leather interior trimming, underslung tanks custom paintwork etc.. 

When your build spec is finalised we will give you an estimated time to complete the build. 

Q. Do you keep pop top roofs in stock?

A. No, As there are so many combinations available, All roofs are ordered direct from the manufacturer upon order. Available is SWB, LWB, over 38 different colour canvases and available in scenic and non scenic and a choice of premium or standard canvas, it would be nearly impossible to stock all combo’s. 

Q. I want to go ahead with a full conversion, what are your payment terms?

A. Once we have finalised your build spec and the build has been agreed, The first payment would be for the roof and bed as well as 50% of the remaining balance. This is to order the bed and the roof from the manufacturers to get the ball rolling, we then order all items required for the build and manufacture the furniture for your camper conversion. 

The remaining balance is due upon completion prior to collecting the van. The vehicle cannot leave our premises until your final balance has been settled.  

Q. When completed do I need to notify the DVLA and will they class it as a camper?

A. Yes and No, if you’ve changed the look with adding windows or number of seats, we always recommend you notify the DVLA of your changes. Also, you need to notify your insurance company of any changes you’ve made. 

The DVLA will no longer change the tax class of your converted T5 or T6 to Motor Caravan as this stopped in 2019. There’s a high possibility it will come back to you as “Van with windows” or similar. This does not affect what you can insure your van for and we recommend using an insurance company who specialises in this such as A-Plan Thatcham Branch on 01635 879910. Mention Van Creations for an added discount.